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Karen Fredborg is walking the Thames Path Challenge

Start date: 7th September, 2019

End date: 8th September, 2019

Location: River Thames, London

Karen Fredborg is walking the Thames Path Challenge for Topic of Cancer – here’s her story.

I’m raising money to fund Dr Nicola Annels and her ground-breaking research into immunotherapy – for bladder and other cancers. As cancers grow, they start to fool the immune system so that the body cannot recognise them and therefore destroy them. So Nicola is developing a new cancer-killing virus to treat cancer – the virus will kick start the immune system to specifically target, infect and destroy cancer cells very efficiently, without causing the awful side effects that traditional chemo and radiotherapy cause. Immunotherapy treatment also means that the body will be primed to fight the cancer if it reoccurs. Nicola is based at the University of Surrey and her cancer research team is one of the few centres in the UK that is leading the way in immunotherapy.

I will walk the Thames Path Challenge 50k in September 2019. My target is £500 – £10 for every kilometre, £1 for every 100metres. I am excited about Nicola’s work, just imagine such important research takes place at our local university! I also love the fact that Topic of Cancer spends less than 1% on admin. This is extremely low and means that pretty much all the money!

Here’s Karen’s fund raising page, please support her https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=KarenFredborg&pageUrl=1

If you want to join Karen in raising funds for Topic of Karen – here’s the details https://www.thamespathchallenge.com/

Karen Fredborg

Topic of Cancer is a registered charity in England and Wales, registered no. 1151079.

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