Three Counties Immunotherapy day

Date: 16th August, 2019

Time: 09:30 - 11:00

Location: The Old Library, Knockhundred Row, Midhurst GU29 9DQ

Roger Macdivitt is running a Three Counties Immunotherapy day in the first instant at The Old Library, Knockhndred Row, Midhurst GU29 9DG starting at 9:00 to 11am.

The principle aim of the day is to build long-term support and awareness of the progress and availability of immunotherapy in the three counties. The event is aimed at both professionals and public alike and welcomes those who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy or who are facing it. Also, anyone with family history or particular interest in availability and scope.

The first event of the Three Counties Immunotherapy day is at The Old Library in Knockhundred Row in Midhurst. Midhurst Town council have provided the space and the event will have video, leaflets and one to one.

Immunotherapy is now becoming a familiar science to the public, as the scope and success of these treatments increases. Real results are now evident in the treatment of many cancers. Bowel, bladder, skin, prostate and gynaecological cancers are just some of the areas being researched and the whole concept is looking likely to become a major part of this century’s oncology armoury.

The human immune system is designs to keep us healthy by using its power to recognise and defeat viruses and bacteria that we all encounter daily, and which may threaten our bodies. Even more than this though, within the armoury there is an ability to identify and recognise unfamiliar proteins giving the body a better chance to control the action of these destructing elements.

At all the events you may hear directly from members of the Targeted Cancer Therapy Oncology team including both charity trustees and research fellows speaking at a level aimed to answer most of our questions as simply as possible.

The team, centered around the Guildford RSCH and Surrey University are just one of the ground breaking world class teams in the country and are based right on our doorstep, they are currently making headline news.

For more information please contact Roger at or by texting 07775772613. Lunch £15, evening event £tba. Profits to immunotherapy research.

Topic of Cancer is a registered charity in England and Wales, registered no. 1151079.

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