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I had a choice growing up, try to have a career in music or get a job in I.T and I chose the sensible one, but last year I found myself with the opportunity to get back into writing music, something I hadn’t done since I was in my early 20’s. I have released 3 albums to all the major streaming sites called “Distraction”, “Progression” and “Adventurer”. I also have an EP coming out shortly called “PM to AM”.

My music can be described as upbeat and happy. Chilled, instrumental tracks that put you in a good mood.

I’ve really enjoyed being creative again and I just love getting feedback from people.

After recently losing a dear friend, I decided it was no longer the time for “Rainy Days” and decided to set about doing things I’ve always wanted to do but been putting off for ages or just wasn’t brave enough to tackle.

Topic of Cancer and Oakleaf are two Guildford based charities that are important to me and have both played an important part in my life. They both do incredible work which started me asking myself, can I do something to help and so the idea of a concert came about.


Sep 30 2021


20:00 - 23:00



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