Beating Cancer using Immunotherapy

Ground breaking immunotherapy research is saving lives of people with cancer; carried out by the incredible team at the University of Surrey

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Our research is saving lives of patients with cancer. The teams internationally acclaimed indagation and trials into immunotherapy, using live viruses and other approaches to improve treatments and therapies, have resulted in ground-breaking advances.
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Topic of Cancer offers local support groups where members can share experiences, enjoy the company of others, and talk openly with other cancer suffers who truly understand. Get in touch to join.


Topic of Cancer raises funds to help the cancer research team, fight cancer. It costs money to continue our research and we work tirelessly to raise money to develop our research projects. Please support us in any way you can.

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BBC London News journalist, Yvonne Hall, is creating a series of short informative interviews with the trustees, scientists and fundraisers, to explain why immunotherapy research is so important, and how your donations are spent.

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