As of 18 March, the number of COVID-19 cases in the UK has been rising rapidly. Many people with cancer are understandably worried about how the coronavirus might affect them. The most important thing is to follow the advice of your healthcare team.

We have taken guidance from several cancer charities called the ‘One Cancer Voice’ on the most common questions that people affected by cancer are asking about the coronavirus and you can read this information here .

Cancer clinical trials: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, some clinical trials for cancer patients may stop recruiting new patients for now. Your healthcare team will continue to support and monitor you if you are part of a clinical trial. Talk to your team if you have questions or concerns about a trial you are taking part in.

Please follow GOV.UK  and the NHS website  for the latest information about coronavirus, including ways to reduce your risk of catching or spreading the virus.

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For a useful link from the mental health charity Mind, regarding COVID-19 and your wellbeing, click here .

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Topic of Cancer raises funds to help Professor Hardev Pandha and his cancer research team, based in Guildford, fight cancer using the bodies immune system.

Their internationally acclaimed indagation and trials into immunotherapy, using live viruses and other approaches to improve treatments and therapies, have resulted in some ground-breaking advances.

Topic of Cancer
Topic of Cancer03/08/2020 at 9:04pm
Today marks the reopening of our Day Surgery Unit, which has been used by our fantastic Robotics Team during Covid-19. As they head off back to work in Theatres we are celebrating them as our Team of the Week.

At the start of the pandemic, the Robotics Team moved our newly purchased da Vinci robots down to Day Surgery so they could create a ‘cancer hub’. This meant they could perform Covid-free robotic surgeries for our gynaecological and urological cancer patients in a space that was separate from the main hospital.

In partnership with Nuffield Health, where our patients have been swabbed, admitted and given a space to recover, the team have manned the Day Surgery Unit, clearing their backlog by performing 160 robotic operations since mid-April.

The benefits of these robots are huge. Not only do they cause less trauma when operating, but patients recover quicker and are less at risk of any complications. Today the robots have returned to Theatres, where they will continue to provide life-saving operations.

Recently, Professor Langley, Clinical Director of Urology and Professional Director of Cancer Services, praised the team for seamlessly migrating the robot to its new home. He said: “The willingness of staff to embrace new technology and practices to provide world class outcomes for our patients is phenomenal.

“Over the past few months, we have completed 160 robotic operations.

“I doubt that there is another hospital in Europe, let alone the UK, that were able to undertake that level of complex robotic surgery during such a challenging time.

“It is a truly remarkable achievement. Not only has this gone a long way in reducing our backlog of operations and in helping our cancer recovery plan, but was ultimately most appreciated by our patients who were anxiously waiting for their surgery during the peak of Covid-19.”

The team consists of around four scrub nurses, three operating department practitioners, two anaesthetists and two surgeons per Theatre. The dynamics and morale within the team are always high, with every member of the team being committed to deliver a service beyond expectations, despite the strains caused by Covid-19.

Dr Bill Fawcett, Consultant Anaesthetist, said: “I totally commend this team for being among the most efficient in the hospital. Since we started it has been like clockwork; everything is on hand and ready and everyone knows what they are doing.”

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