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We did it!  Our fundraising appeal to purchase a Leica Bond RX Processing Module is a huge success!

We are delighted to announce the fantastic news that we have raised sufficient funds to buy the Leica Bond RX Processing Module (illustrated below) for the research team. Dr Nicola Annels, Senior Research Fellow, managed to source a display model at a reduced price of £97,000 and it is now esconced in the laboratories and staff are being trained to use it.

Currently, it takes a scientist 3 days at the bench to set up the multiplexed staining of cancer tumour tissues. The Leica BOND is a fully automated research stainer and can do this process in a matter of hours! This means scientists can spend less time at the bench setting up, freeing up their time for other research activities.

The machine will allow the fast and efficient staining of tissue for a range of protein markers within the tissue.  Researchers are able to stain for up to 9 protein markers within the tissue which may correlate with particular cell types, such as immune cells or bacteria. Scientists might want to understand the cell types and their localisation to each other  within a tissue taken straight from a patient or following treatment in vitro of that tumour with a particular chemical or novel treatment.


This is the largest sum of money that the charity has ever donated and we could not have done it without your support for which we are so grateful.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past year or so to raise this money and make a huge difference to immunotherapy research our team can conduct.  We can now give more hope to cancer patients and their families.

We couldn't have done this without you, thank you.

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