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Get involved and create your own fundraising activities. From bake sales to marathons, there's no limit to how you could raise money for ToC!

If you are unable to take part in any Topic of Cancer-run events, there is still the opportunity to raise money as an individual.
If you let us know that you are interested in fundraising for our charity, we can tell you if we have any upcoming events or promotions that you could be part of. We may be able to offer you advice or freebies that you can give out to your supporters.

There are a myriad of activities that can be turned into fundraising events and are easily planned.

  • You could ask for donations of clothes, toys and other bric-a-brac and run a car boot sale.
  • Organise fun nights in, such as karaoke or a talent contest.
  • Run a monthly raffle
  • Organise a charity car-wash
  • Afternoon tea – debate how to pronounce “scone” and host an afternoon tea
  • Marathon Events – not necessarily running or cycling! You can run marathon DJ sets, roller skating or just a straight forward sports day.
  • Run a stall at your local fete.
  • Organise a swimming competition at your local pool.

We at Topic of Cancer would love to support you in any activities that you are prepared to undertake for our charity.
If you would like to discuss any fundraising ideas, please e-mail with your contact details and one of us will be in touch.

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